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2016/09/30 16:35:41

About our new company

Wargame Design Concepts, LLC is a new start-up; focused on the conduct of historical research, software design, development and release of easy-to-play, solitaire wargames – built for both web browsers and tablets.

Wargame Design Concepts -- Core Objectives
Why build yet another computer wargame? With today’s technology, it’s possible to substantively influence the next wave of wargaming. Many computerized games today have become increasingly complex and extremely difficult to learn – in my opinion, reducing the popularity of the overall hobby. Our objective at WDC is to return to the basics: simplicity, ease of learning, straightforward rulesets and a meaningful historical context — easily playable on the internet or on an iOS or Android Tablet! We hope you will enjoy the products we are planning for the production pipeline.
Wargame Design Concepts -- Business Model
Our goal is to provide free-to-play games; No Intrusive Ads and No annoying In-Game Purchases!

Our initial release:

Red October will be a classic introductory area-based wargame, focused on the Eastern Front of World War II – the German High Command’s campaign to capture Moscow.


We are looking forward to the release of this initial introductory game!

Contact Information:

Address: 200 Claudia Road, Brick, New Jersey, USA


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